Long-Term Drug Rehab in Illinois

The benefits to long-term drug rehab in Illinois are evident and it is an effective way to handle drug abuse and addiction. The problem is that, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA ), there are only 73 long-term drug rehabs in the state of Illinois.

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When you look at that and the fact that the average number of clients in these facilities is at 21, you are faced with the availability of only about 1,530 client drug rehab beds to try and handle the over 300,000 people in the state that report needed addiction treatment.

This is where we come in at Illinois Drug Rehab. Our counselors can help you find not only a long-term drug rehab, but also one that is appropriate for you or your loved one.

Long-Term Addiction Treatment

When looking at long term drug rehab in Illinois, it is usually best to first describe what is meant by “long-term”. In the sense of inpatient addiction treatment, long-term drug rehab would constitute a program that is of 90 days or more, although some classify this as anything over 30 days.

Studies show that this type of treatment is getting a higher success rate than shorter term for a number of reasons. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) study conducted in 2009 called The Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide, those suffering from drug addiction fair far better in, and need, at least three months in treatment to significantly cut down or cease their drug use or addiction.

Length of time is the big factor, as someone that stays in an addiction treatment program for a longer period of time has a better chance at applying what he/she is learning and gaining the socialization skills that are so important to recovery. Its not just about learning the tools, but also about applying recovery skills to day to day life and indoctrinating oneself into living a drug-free life style. Long-term inpatient treatment offers a better chance for this by giving the individual a longer time to learn, apply and practice being clean in a structured environment.

All long-term drug rehab centers are not the same and time is not the only factor that makes these rehabs more successful. It is important to look at different categories of rehabilitation in making a choice on which is the best for you or your loved one.

Step down long-term drug rehab: This is the most common type of long term treatment in which an individual will go into an intensive residential program for a period of approximately 30 days, of full inpatient. Once this is complete, a “step down” will be offered where for a period of time (2 months, or longer) the individual would go into some type of sober living environment or half way house. These are basically structured housing with curfews, monitoring, and group meetings that are required to be attended, but nowhere near as structured as inpatient treatment. The individual is still supervised, but is left to his/her own devices for periods of the day to start working again, look for a job, handle personal affairs, etc… This is more of structured housing and doesn’t offer the same drug rehabilitation environment of confinement and focus that a drug rehab center does while intensively looking at and overcoming the issues leading to addiction.

Another type of long-term rehabilitation would be intensive, multi-month, and completely structured in the same inpatient facility the entire time. This is going to be the best success for the obvious reason that a person gets exposure to actual drug rehabilitation for months, without being subject to the triggers and environments one can be subjected to on their own. Not only does a person in this type of treatment get the “clean time,” but a good treatment center will also give exposure to more modalities of evidence-based practices that an ordinary 28 or 30 day 12-step center can’t do for lack of time. This would be the recommended approach for a long-term addiction treatment center.

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